The best tree service in town

I recently went over to a good friend’s house and was amazed at how beautiful their house looked! I complimented her over and over again on how beautiful her house was and how jealous I was. She explained that her parents are firm believers on keeping the yard clean and maintaining their trees and bushes. After she said that, I realized her house didn’t look too different from the other houses in her neighborhood other than that her front yard was extremely well maintained and clean. Her house’s entrance had two beautiful tall bushes/trees that wrapped around itself to create a spiral effect. The bushes next to the two larger ones were well trimmed and perfectly aligned with each other. The trees in her yard although weirdly placed throughout her front yard were perfectly in sync with each other and complimented the overall balance of the yard. The front yard was not symmetrical but there was still such a great sense of balance with all the trees and bushes being so cleanly trimmed. The grass too was extremely green and lush making everything else look very colorful and healthy. She said her parents take very good care of the yard and its aesthetics.

They hire Sugar Land tree service to come once in awhile to come and properly maintain the bushes and trees in her front and back yard. They take great pride in keeping their property looking very clean and aesthetically pleasing. After admiring the front yard for a good 10 minutes she gave me a tour of the backyard as well. She had two trees in her backyard that looked healthy and were also well trimmed. They had apricot trees and she mentioned it was important to properly trim those fruit trees because one bad branch or one bad cut to a branch could potentially affect the entire tree! She said her dad paid special attention to their trees because he had a fascination with keeping them well watered and trimmed. She said while her mom usually killed off all the plants, her dad was the one who could revive even a dying plant. It was funny to think about because usually it is the opposite. The tree services she hired could even potentially revive a dying tree too! She said when they first moved in, one of the trees was unhealthy and on the verge of dying but they hired an arborist. I had no idea what that was. She laughed at my confused expression and went on to explain that an arborist was essentially a tree surgeon. They could diagnose and pinpoint what was wrong with the tree and essentially assess if they would be able to revive it. I had never realized there was so much to taking care of a tree. I have always lived in a townhome or an apartment so I had never had to pay attention to the tree care around me. It was always done for me!